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Data-backed insights that inspire confidence

Thruways helps your Shopify store make and prioritize decisions that drive revenue and growth. Our platform identifies the most direct path to growing eCommerce sales.

Thruways gives insights that drive eCommerce Sales

Built for your eCommerce business

Driving revenue and customers to your eCommerce shop can be a challenge, regardless of what you sell or how long your store been around.
Thruways turns data into clear, actionable steps that drive your business forward.

More than analytics

Gathering data is easy, but identifying clear signals among the noise is a major challenge for businesses of all sizes.

Thruways enables businesses to identify the most direct path to more eCommerce sales.

Built for your business

Connect Thruways with the tools you already use to run your business.

Simply connect your tools and let our AI engine layer industry specific data and to help guide you to more eCommerce sales.

Gain valuable insights

Thruways analyzes the data from your siloed tools and layers it with industry standards before delivering AI driven smart insights and recommendations to help guide your next move.
Smarter data that drives more eCommerce sales.
Thruways Insights and Recommendations

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