Thruways Lite

Thruways Lite will be available on Shopify App Store soon! How easy will it work? Simply install the plugin, run an audit and receive an instant snapshot of your traffic, sales and revenue statistics as well as actionable insights to maximize the potential of your eCommerce Store.

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Thruways Lite eCommerce Actionable Insights

The Thruways Dashboard

Thruways Lite provides you with a user-friendly dashboard and a real-time optimization score that highlights the path to achieving your revenue growth potential.

Thruways Beta Dashboard

How it Works

Driving revenue and customers to your eCommerce shop can be a challenge, regardless of what you sell or how long your store been around.
Thruways turns data into clear, actionable steps that drive your business forward.


Get an instant audit of your key metrics such as traffic, session growth, sales, AOV and conversion rate growth jumps in AOV and conversion rate growth.

Thruways Lite will give you an easy-to-understand optimization score so you can drive sales to new frontiers and greater heights.
Thruways Analyze
Thruways Monitor


We monitor your Shopify eCommerce store for any factors, features or fluctuations that may impact your sales and revenue performance levels which is then reflected in a simple optimization score.

Get an alert delivered directly to your inbox when it’s time for another audit!


We’re more than just insights, we’re a pathway of clear actionable steps tailored to your journey. Receive direct recommendations on maximizing your optimization score and improving your Shopify eCommerce store’s revenue growth potential.  

Achieve new levels of success!
Thruways Maximize

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