How well do you know eCommerce metrics?

So you think you’ve mastered the art of eCommerce metrics? Let's put that knowledge to the test! Can you tell your AOVs from your ROIs? Ready to show off your knowledge of Conversion Rates?

Dive into the eCommerce KPIs 101 Quiz and test your expertise of eCommerce metrics.

The Deets

10 Questions! Each designed to test your knowledge of basic eCommerce metrics.

With each correct answer you’ll earn precious bragging rights among the legion of Shopify Store Owners. And no matter what, you’ll emerge from the game wiser about eCommerce KPIs than ever.

Mastering eCommerce metrics such as AOV, abandoned cart rate, and conversion rates is key to your success. The more you know, the better you will be at optimizing customer purchasing behaviors, pinpointing checkout issues, and making data-driven decisions that can boost your sales, revenue and growth.


1. Click above to start the eCommerce KPIs 101 quiz.
2. Answer 10 Multiple Choice Questions.
3. If you score a perfect 10, we’ll celebrate your impressive feat by sending you a limited edition "Data is Dumb" Thruways T-Shirt. (We will reach out within 24 hours to get your shipping details.)*

As a bonus, you’ll also win a free 6-month subscription to Thruways upon our launch!  

At Thruways, we believe that raw data, no matter how vast, is only helpful if paired with powerful AI-driven insights and recommendations like those Thruways offers. The “Data Is Dumb” t-shirt is not just a fashion statement but an embracement of the “Smart Data” that Thruways helps power in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape.

So are you ready to show off your eCommerce KPI smarts? Let’s rev up the engines and get the quiz started!

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