Recap of Johns Hopkins AI Panel

Efrem Epstein
December 3, 2023

On October 26, Thruways’ VP of Communications Efrem Epstein moderated a panel for the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association on Artificial Intelligence.

Entitled “Artificial Intelligence: Living in a George Jetson World,” the program explored past and present developments in AI and some projections for future applications within the workplace, classroom, and entertainment settings.

Alumni joining Mr. Epstein in the program included Charles Johnson-Bey, Bill Kirst, and Alex Sharpe. Fellow Alumna and thought leader Kate Sperber could not make the panel at the last minute but contributed heavily to the planning.

The full program can be watched here.

Highlights From The Evening

Among our favorite moments:

  • Alex Sharpe discussing the origins of the term “Artificial Intelligence (at approximately 6:30 mark):

”The term actually came about because of a paper written by Alan Turing and those of you who have seen the movie The imitation game that was Alan Turing and the movie was actually named after his paper that talked about artificial intelligence.”

  • Dr. Charles Johnson-Bey sharing why he believes the beauty of humanity will rise above fears of AI dystopia (at approximately the 19 minute mark):

“I’m certainly placing my bet on AI Technologies helping us spend more time helping each other…Getting back to the topic of the dystopian movies: I like them because they make us think and if you don't want what you see then let's work together to make it better.”

  • Efrem Epstein sharing why he didn’t fear AI (at approximately the 22:15 mark):

“If we're still not getting autocorrect right…maybe it makes it less scary.”

  • Bill Kirst explaining why AI can be a positive in the classroom. (Can be found at approximately the 35:45 mark).

“The youth are learning for their world and AI as a tutor to help you work out loud to make sense of a problem…I think that's a good thing.”

The event was presented as part of the Hopkins at Home Series.