Thruways At Web Summit Qatar 2024

Efrem Epstein
February 24, 2024

Catch Thruways At Web Summit Qatar 2024

When 2024 Web Summit Qatar kicks off next week (February 26-29), over 12,000 investors, founders, journalists and professionals will be in attendance. Included in this tally will be Thruways’ Founder & CEO Joanna Kurylo.

Billed by Bloomberg as a “Davos for geeks,” Web Summit’s initial event was held in Dublin in 2009. Next week’s sold-out event at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center will be Web Summit’s first foray into the Middle East and reflects the growth of tech infrastructure in the region. The conference will feature Emmy-award winning comedian Trevor Noah in a keynote session.

“When 2024 Web Summit Qatar was announced, I knew Thruways had to be there,” said Kurylo. “We are excited to meet with like-minded companies, partners, and investors and demonstrate how Thruways can boost revenue for eCommerce companies not just globally, but   particularly in countries with such a fast-growing eCommerce market like Qatar.”

MENA 2024: A Golden Age Of eCommerce

Deloitte estimates the e-commerce sector in the Middle East to reach a market volume of US$50 billion by 2025.

The growing tech ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) prompted Wired Magazine to declare the present a “golden age” for startups in the region.

Following Web Summit, Kurylo and Thruways will stay in MENA to attend LEAP 2024 in Riyadh on March 4-7. To set up meetings at either conference, please contact Joanna Kurylo at

About Thruways

Thruways is a data-driven augmented intelligence platform for eCommerce companies. At a time when 90% of eCommerce companies fail within four months, Thruways helps eCommerce managers and owners make better and smarter marketing decisions that improve conversion rates and increase revenue.