Thruways Has Launched Its MVP!

Joanna Kurylo
December 11, 2023

It’s here!

Earlier today, Thruways officially, and proudly, launched its MVP! In the coming weeks, Thruways will open our pilot phase to a small, select group of Shopify Store Owners.  

The Thruways MVP features two distinct components:

The Thruways Interface Auditor

The Thruways Interface Auditor is a proprietary tool that audits eCommerce website interfaces across five categories that impact conversion rate and revenue growth. This enables us to constantly analyze data and monitor site changes in real-time.

The Thruways Recommendation Engine

The Thruways Recommendation Engine is a feature that leverages the data gathered by the Interface Auditor to generate actionable insights. These actionable insights are tailored to help an eCommerce company boost sales.

Why Thruways?

Thruways is a data-driven augmented intelligence platform for eCommerce companies. At a time when 90% of eCommerce companies fail within four months, Thruways helps eCommerce managers and owners make better and smarter marketing decisions that improve conversion rates and increase revenue.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be one of our initial Beta Users, please drop a line to our Founder and CEO, Joanna Kurylo, at