Why we chose Shopify as our first integration partner

Joanna Kurylo
January 10, 2023

Our mission at Thruways is to empower eCommerce shops to accelerate growth through actionable insights.

This is why we’re neck deep in building the first version of Thruways Beta for eCommerce businesses. We’re excited to launch a product that is not only fun and easy to use but will also have a direct impact on the eCommerce company’s bottom line, irrespective of their conversion rate or monthly sales figures.

Building an awesome product means ensuring that we are creating the right product for the right users. Yes, eCommerce is a major industry (there are 2.5 million eCommerce retailers in the USA alone). But not all eCommerce companies are the same.

We strongly believe that eCommerce businesses of all sizes, regardless of capital or expertise, should be able to benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and harness its power for growth. But smaller businesses sometimes operate at a disadvantage. While overall AI adoption and accessibility have increased, a 2022 IBM study found that the gap in AI adoption between larger and smaller businesses had grown. Thruways believes that everyone should enjoy the advantages appreciated by larger enterprises.

Shopify: Our First Integration Partner!

So how do we start narrowing that gap?  How do we enable small eCommerce businesses to benefit from smarter and more actionable AI-driven insights?


We decided to launch Thruways as a Shopify-only app that will be available on the Shopify App store.

There are at least a dozen eCommerce platforms (including BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Adobe Commerce - previously known as Magento). But the first integration partner for Thruways could only have been Shopify.

So why did we focus on Shopify as our initial integration partner?

Shopify Is Trusted

Shopify is where many eCommerce businesses live! Millions of companies have already built their eCommerce store on Shopify. In fact, it is estimated that between March 2020 and January 2022, the number of Shopify stores grew by over 200%.

Shopify Has A Robust App Store

Shopify has an extremely robust app store! A place where eCommerce companies can find the perfect tool to complement and supplement their eCommerce operations. The Shopify app store makes it easy for anybody, regardless of developer experience or technical know-how, to find the perfect solution for their needs. Currently, 87% of merchants on Shopify use Shopify apps to run their eCommerce business. These apps help them upsell, cross-sell, fulfill orders and optimize delivery. What Shopify offers here is exactly what we were looking for in an initial integration partner!

Shopify Is Global

Shopify is truly global, with online sellers in over 175 countries. Over the 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, $7.5B worth of sales were processed on the Shopify platform. In fact, this was a 19% increase from sales in the same period last year. In short, that's a lot of revenue going back to eCommerce companies of all sizes!

Shopify Is Small Business-Friendly

Shopify is budget-friendly for smaller eCommerce businesses! Their affordable pricing includes a Basic plan at $26 a month (with an annual 10% discount) and a Shopify Starter plan (only available for new merchants and those in the free trial period). Moreover, the Shopify pricing structure makes the experience accessible to almost any retailer across any stage. And with no long-term commitments or contract requirements required, it’s easy to get started.  

Shopify Has Top-Notch Customer Support

Shopify's customer support is top-notch. They offer around-the-clock support via email, phone, and live chat. Shopify also provides a plethora of resources and documentation that helps eCommerce business owners learn a variety of tasks, including optimizing for SEO and making their first sale. (Check out Shopify’s blog here.)

These are some of the reasons why we chose Shopify as our first integration partner!

Shopify As Thruways First Integration Partner: We’re Ready! Are You?

‍Are you excited about the Thruways for Shopify beta launch? Well, so are we! 🤗

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